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Are you looking for the best free CRM software for your business? If yes, then you need to consider the software features. The top CRM software helps your sales and marketing teams to manage customer connections effectively and close more deals. The purpose of free CRMs is typically to familiarise users with the features of the CRM until they are ready to upgrade to a premium plan for additional users, data storage, and modular features. 

Making sales operations more productive can be especially beneficial for your small business because of features like drag-and-drop deal status management, automatic logging of customer conversations and emails, and optimization of routine duties. To give just a few examples, a CRM solution may help you import a contact list, create sales possibilities, delegate calls and emails to sales agents, generate new leads from online forms, and get a complete overview of CRM activity via reports and dashboards. Here will see the three best free CRM software for small businesse:

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1. EngageBay

EngageBay is the best free crm software for small business which offers powerful CRM features like targeted marketing, workflow automation, visual deals pipeline, automatic data entry, and more.

Allow your leads to arrange appointments from your calendar to save back-and-forth communications automatically. Concentrating on the things that matter the most may eliminate manual admin labor and increase efficiency. Sales can focus on income and client connections by managing meetings independently with the help of the free CRM software.

The most vital part of closing a sale is following up. Use EngageBay CRM to ensure that you never miss a follow-up again. To continuously stay on top of every assignment, create tasks for each lead and track them all in one convenient location. Create tasks automatically by establishing the appropriate rules. Get recurring reminder notifications so you always remember a task. Task management is simple due to the CRM software.

Every interaction you have ever had with a customer is recorded in the CRM system at EngageBay. Calls, emails, meetings, notes, and more are included in this. You are given this information as a timeline so you can study the contact’s history at any time. You won’t ever need to search through your email, spreadsheets, or any other software programs you might use.

Features included in the free plan

  • Get full visibility into your pipeline
  • Engagement for improved sales efficiency
  • Sync your email with CRM
  • Find your most potential leads

2. HubSpot CRM

The best free crm software for small business is HubSpot CRM, as this platform offers a great user experience while using the system due to its clear, contemporary layout and simple-to-use CRM features. Both your sales teams in need of CRM and marketers looking to automate communications can benefit from it.

Ad retargeting, bulk email creation, contact list segmentation, and landing page development are just a few of HubSpot’s competitive collection of marketing services. Sales leads have a complete view of prospect conversations and actions because of the seamless integration of these capabilities with contact lists.

You can manage sales, marketing, customer care, and content on one platform due to the free plan’s unlimited user capacity and application to all of the product’s Hubs. The HubSpot free solution also has capabilities exclusive to free CRM services, such as automated chatbots and contact tracking on your website.

Features included in the free plan

  • Web forms, landing pages, marketing emails, and blogs may all be created and managed using simple content management.
  • Up to one deal pipeline per account can be tracked and managed using contact management, website visitor tracking, and other tools.
  • Capabilities for mass email marketing with five message templates, one automatic action
  • Storage of documents with adaptable quote creation tools

3. Zoho CRM

Zoho CRM is the finest free alternative for businesses looking to increase efficiency in their sales process. It is intended to serve as the single platform from which you manage every aspect of your company. It provides pricing tiers and functionality appropriate for companies of all sizes, from sole proprietorships to large corporations.

Compared to other free CRMs on this list, the accessible CRM automation features are much more complex. You can modify workflows to include activities whenever a trigger occurs, such as a change in the deal stage, such as editing a record or assigning a lead. Excellent activity and task management software are also available in Zoho.

By displaying tasks, such as calls or meetings, in a list view or individual records linked to a contact or deal, reps can guarantee that nothing falls through the cracks. Along with its free option, Zoho provides three pricing categories. The free solution comes with up to 10 pre-made email templates, event monitoring, call logging, social media management, and sales task management.

Features included in the free plan

  • Complete contact, lead, deal, and account management
  • With recurrent tasks and task reminders, activity tracking for calls, emails, tasks, and meetings
  • Up to 2,000 active rules, five active rules per module, and five email notifications per action are included in the workflow and task automation.

Bottom Line

A free CRM solution is an excellent method to launch and integrate your prospecting, sales, and marketing automation into a developing part of your business. The above listed are the three best free CRM software for your small businesses you can consider.


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