Blogging vs. Youtube: Advantages of blogging over Youtube

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Blogging and YouTube must have come to mind when considering how to make money online and searching for the finest possibilities. The most obvious and well-known ways to make money online are blogging and youtube. Being a YouTuber and blogging are two of the extremely few job options that provide you with the freedom and flexibility you want. But the decision as to which one to choose is still open. In order to determine blogging vs youtube which one to start, you must first decide what is best for you. Here will see about in detail: 

What is Blogging?

Weblogs are also referred to as blogs. It is a website that resembles a diary or journal. Bloggers commonly write about their ideas and perspectives. Writing should be your passion if you want to start a blog. It will be a little harder for you to start if you do not write frequently or are just starting. You must have the desire to learn how to write and create quality blog content.

What is YouTube?

YouTube is a platform for creating movies and videos. You need strong presentation abilities if you want to be a successful YouTuber. You need to know about cameras, editing software, and how to show yourself in front of the camera to become a YouTuber. The popularity of YouTube is much higher than that of blogging. Although YouTube sees a lot of traffic, getting started, there is challenging. You can make money on YouTube in a variety of ways, including gaining income with Google Ads, affiliate marketing, and paid promotion of products and services.

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Advantages of blogging

Zero financial investment

You don’t necessarily need to make a financial investment to start blogging, unlike other enterprises on the market. You only need a strong understanding of content, an understanding of SEO strategies, and the ability to put up photographs, some basic research abilities, internet access, and a lot of patience. You can start by using the free online blogging tools or buying a domain and publishing immediately.

Affiliate marketing

The use of links that lead readers to affiliate partners’ websites is made possible by affiliate marketing. You are paid each time a link is clicked, and a purchase is made.

Blogging is the best way to gain money. An affiliate link is more likely to be clicked in a blog article when it is in your blog video. Although you can add affiliate links to your video descriptions on YouTube, click-through rates are still relatively low.

Selling merchandise and products

Both platforms are available to support content creators who want to sell their own products. With eCommerce on the rise, writing blogs and creating videos are both excellent ways to sell your products.

ECommerce websites offer site builders made to assist bloggers in posting content to sell their products and integrate with already-existing blogs. Better features and capabilities are being developed by YouTube, which is quickly catching up and enabling YouTubers to do the same.

Better revenue stability

The revenue from blogging is generally relatively constant, despite the fact that blogs are susceptible to the ups and downs of making money online. Since income and RPM changes occur more slowly than on social media sites, bloggers can work to counteract any unfavorable developments before it is too late.

More content creation options

If you enjoy writing, you will be excited to discover that more options are available at the content buffet than just composing blog articles. Other written content, such as newsletters, eBooks, manuals, and more, can be used by bloggers to supplement their blogging income. When centered on a strong blog, these additional revenue sources can produce sizable earnings.

Get more traffic to your website

One of the most essential advantages of blogging is an easy start. Did you realize that regular blogging can drive a lot of customers to your company website?

To get your website to rank for search terms, you must optimize it for search engines when you design it. However, you cannot simply leave your website without adding additional content. Your website’s ranks will eventually decline if you do. A blog gives you a chance to look for fresh keyword searches regularly and produces material that provides your target audience with solutions.

When you accomplish that, Google recognizes your expertise in your industry and gives you a higher search engine ranking. Therefore, blogging vs youtube, blogging should be a key part of your marketing plan if you own any kind of business.

Bottom Line

In the long term, a YouTube channel might be more profitable. However, consider that a blog will help your website’s SEO, whereas a YouTube channel will help YouTube’s SEO by gaining subscribers. A blog might be a longer-term, more profitable answer if your company’s SEO strategy depends on it. The above listed are clear advantages of blogging over YouTube you need to consider.

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