Top 4 Travel CRM Agency Software Travel Agents Must Try in 2023

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Travel CRM software encourages better client connections and builds reliable sales/retention records, and this helps in travel business management. Any business’s foundation is its customers, and this is also true for travel agencies and travel advisors.

Travel agencies may go above and beyond to satisfy consumers with the help of the correct technologies. With the use of travel crm, customer retention can be greatly increased. 

CRM systems also allow travel companies to monitor the work schedules of their staff, crucial business records like invoices, and traveler identity. Read more to know about CRM in the travel industry and also the top 4 travel CRM software:

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What does a CRM in the travel sector mean?

To operate in the tourism service industry today, you need more than just a phone and a computer with Internet access. The company runs the risk of going out of business by not taking care of modern business needs, so a company requires a CRM for travel businesses. 

The program will boost your sales and keep the level of service quality high. CRM must consider the following for automation to be successful:

Strategic partner’s base: The software must process the client’s information so that the manager can quickly choose and create a profitable offer for him.

Tourism sector features: To increase the sales of tours, CRM should include marketing components and competent promotions. 

Advertising: You must use email, SMS, or IP telephony to inform clients about “burning” trips.

What can a travel CRM program do? 

A CRM for a travel agency provides both general functionality and solutions tailored to that industry. Your travel agency, like any other company, would require lead management, sales reporting, an online reservation system, and notifications for updates, workflow automation, and customer care tools. 

In addition to modules like experience management, in-app appointments, discount vouchers, and cancellation policies are included in a travel crm. Then there is the all-in-one CRM travel software, which unifies marketing management, hotel reservations, reservation management, and other business activities onto one platform.

CRMs for travel agencies might be internal or cloud-based. Larger businesses usually opt for internal travel agency CRM with their own infrastructure. On the other hand, a SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) travel agency CRM is hosted in the cloud and is available for subscription purchases from travel agencies or businesses. 


EngageBay will be the right choice for small and medium-sized travel agencies and startups. It is an all-in-one travel agency software, and its costs are extremely reasonable. Designing beautiful and responsive pages is made easier with the software’s user-friendly drag-and-drop landing page and form builder.


A/B testing for landing pages and email broadcasts allows you to fine-tune each heading, banner, image, and CTA. Additionally, the content can be made mobile-friendly. Customers can contact you via phone, live chat, SMS, social media, web forms, and more with EngageBay CRM.

With Service Bay, you have a standard ticketing system for customer care along with autoresponders, live chat, a helpdesk, and automated responses. 


  • Free connection
  • Universal automation platform
  • Excellent drag-and-drop builder


  • Limited template option



Freshsales is a basic CRM system. It is an all-inclusive solution designed for travel companies, integrating effortlessly with your workplace and helping you to stay one step ahead of the competition. 

It is an extensive travel crm for coordination, management, and communication. You can save tasks, contacts, messages, files, and projects here.

Each client’s information, including correspondence, booked excursions, notes, and personal preferences, are always available. With these options available, you can choose the client’s tours while anticipating their needs. 


  • Number of successful integrations
  • No lengthy and complex setup procedures


  • There is little integration available for productivity software
  • Users have trouble importing data
  • Automatic dialing, call recording, call forwarding, and affiliate program management are not up to the mark.


WeTravel is a specialized CRM tool for travel agencies that has a lot of features tailored to particular markets. Beautiful booking websites might persuade visitors to make a purchase for streamlined transactions and a better user experience.

WeTravel also provides smart payment processing tools. It is an excellent choice for small enterprises because of the minimal processing costs. The major function of WeTravel is its user-friendly booking management functionality. 

You can use this tool to gather documents, change bookings, and produce reports all in one location. Additionally, WeTravel offers a “WeTravel Card” that can be used to pay vendors anywhere in the world.


  • Good for small and medium business


  • Very few integration options
  • Complex and lengthy procedures



Everything you need, including calendar contacts, document management, projects, and more, is included in Creatio Tools. Creatio’s mobile version can be accessed through a tablet or smartphone. 

The travel crm makes it possible to save all business records and locate any contract, account, or visa application easily. You can stay in touch with the system around-the-clock, seven days a week, and the system will let you reply to any requests made by visitors fast. The tourist will automatically receive the most important information regarding the tour plan via SMS.


  • There are options for controlling business, service, and marketing processes


  • Reports and printables may be challenging to use
  • It seems to have declined in quality in comparison to other parts of the program

Choosing the Best CRM for Travel Agents

The most common CRM for tours and travel is discussed in this post. Before choosing a specific piece of software, take into account the following factors: 

  • The way the system is designed 
  • Technological features
  • Number of valid users
  • The ease of use of the interface, your budget, and the security of the data stored

Pay close attention to the potential for integration. 

Final thoughts

If you want to grow and develop your business in the travel industry, a CRM system for a travel agency is an essential tool. With personalized customization, it is easy for you to manage the CRM tools, and this allows you to improve the profit margins of the company. 

EngageBay can help travel agencies make advance bookings easily and manage customer preferences and accounts. You can get SMS Marketing and live chat option. With EngageBay mobile app, heavy tasks become easy to handle.

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